Sunday, December 13, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates! [12-13-2020]

               Another week is here for everyone here at ChrisBOnTheWeb! Chris has become overly overwhelmed with such amazing response from you all and he thanks you guys tirelessly. 

 Website: Friday had almost 400 views on the one post which is insane. However with the chatroom down till 12 pm EST today but it is going to reopen and the views are down cause the chat is currently closed at this moment but it is going to open again it is because Chris was in an Online Reality TV Mini Game for the 2 days.

Chat: Like I said it is opening up today on the website and I will be around cause of recent issues Chris has had in the chat, he's made it clear he won't be involved in the chatroom much and he is staying away from the chat but you never know he could pop by at any point but in the end that is clearly up to him.

Entertainment Man Podcast & Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: With this being Finale week and Podcasts are slowly wrapping up Production for 2020, Chris is recording his 20th and Final episode of Season 1 this week and he is truly excited. On top of that Chris and Larry are recording the Final Collab for 2020 and they will be down to 1 more podcast in 2021 when they need to record one more and then they will be on a hiatus till Mid year or mid 2021.

                  With things wrapping up and there will be a quiet period of no podcasts and just blogs coming out on a daily basis, any updates may change as there may or may not be any updates from Chris or I but it really depends what we have to update you on but I can say this, there will be updates and I think he's mentioned to me to remind you guys on the Holiday schedule and also an announcement for the chat being shutdown for over the holidays which I will get into on next weeks post. I will talk to you guys on next week's post.

Charlotte, CBOTW Management

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