Monday, December 14, 2020

I Am Replacing The Other Admins & Update On Chris

             A lot of you guys remember me, Kelsie but one fact you didn'y know I am the older sister of Sophie who also worked with Chris at one point. With all the countless drama on the weekend and Chris's mental health deteriorating by the day and the pressure for Power Rangers Collab coming close to production soon, I have stepped in to help him with notes. While he sleeps,I work, while I sleep he works visa versa. I know for the most part he will be working on the notes and recording both Entertainment Man Podcast and Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast which is going to be finished end of this week production wise and kind of the reason why he has taken some time off form posts and he will post from time to time but no guarantees it will be often but both of us will be around if you got questions.  I do have permissions to change anything that he needs to change on the website and I tweaked the Management Team list effective immediately as change had to be made to the Community Lounge.

              Update on Chris as it got into later in the evening he was laughing a little bit more as I spoke to him and honestly I'm the depression is still there losing two friends in one day. I never seen him this tense before and he can use a vacation honestly and it's coming up I will explain on Wednesday's post the schedule for the next week when he will be in studio and not in studio working. As you know he was playing an online Reality TV Online Mini and he ended up quitting the game just after the merge due to some drama but he's proud he called someone out for throwing his name under the bus for no apparent reason. He's been feeling down the way he went out but he should keep his head held up high, he made it to the merge and would of been on jury regardless if he didn't quit but he needs to remember it's a stressful game and I am and we're all proud of him for trying it out and I'm sure he will have good memories from this. Those are the updates from me on him and I will talk to you guys tomorrow which will be Power Ranger related as he is getting close to recording soon.

Kelsie K, CBOTW Management

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