Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast Schedule!

            As of late yesterday, Chris let me know that him and Larry OFFICIALLY set a day to record the next Collaboration Podcast will be Thursday evening which the two of them will be recording the next episode which was just a month apart from the other one. Now the actual date of release is not yet available and I believe during the holidays he will be posting it up between his breaks from recording as always will be and I am assuming that will be during his holiday break from things it will be up and he will be holding onto it when he finishes editing.  Also I know for a fact he will be immediately starting up on Dino Thunder so they can record that in January before the Hiatus begins but you will get more information on this this week at some point from me. I think that is what he tends to do is give you guys a podcast during the holiday which is easy for us to upload as it is only based off the website itself and nowhere else at this point.


               That is my announcement and I am excited for what these two are recording this week and I am excited in general for the final set of podcasts for 2020 before the break and him taking a well deserved break that he really does deserves. He really has worked hard with the improvements of recording through the last month and I give him a ton of props on this and so did Larry, he gave Chris a ton of props so you never know this could be a short hiatus and again I will explain that in the coming days you guys but big props to the guys on a job well done with changes and improving production.

Kelsie, CBOTW Management

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