Friday, December 18, 2020

What Needs To Be Tested With The New Mix-Minus Setup?

          Now that Chris has the Mix-Minus setup and he has it all hooked up and it does work, there is some things that he needs to do with Larry to ensure it works as Chris is no longer using OBS for recording and strictly this setup. Here is what he needs to do over the next few months while testing and making things work great:

- Chris has to work on the levels on both sides, his mic and the guest side of things via Discord or Skype as it hasn't properly been worked out and I think this is why he is thinking about his first guest interview will not be till the end of the month of January.

- He still has to learn how it works and figuring out how to not make the earphones squeal as that has become a problem with the excessive squealing and I've heard it over the phone and it ain't pretty that's for sure.

- He also has to figure out how to run his intro and not stream it into the guest on Discord or Skype as it will come back to the recording and it could be a problem indefinitely be a problem and I suggested he don't have the volume on Larry or any of the guests on at the time and they probably hear it through the mic a bit I'm sure.

- He will also test both Skype and Discord on two different nights to ensure it works on one or the other technically and to which one of the two are the best for recording a podcast and I am sure both will work just fine.

             These are the things he needs to work on and learn how it works and it shouldn't take long but with the collab is him getting the next collab notes finished up and that is just one of the reasons why there is a hiatus is the notes are so far behind schedule but least you get Entertainment Man Podcast in the time being while they work on catching up but more information coming tomorrow as there is a part 2 to all of this but different topic tomorrow, until then, have a great rest of your day!

Kelsie, CBOTW Management

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