Saturday, December 19, 2020

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast Hints Chris Is Giving You Guys!

               Chris made me do this post specifically for a reason. To tease you guys for what is to come in 2021. Yes Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast is coming back in 2021 and Chris given 3 different months for me to hint to you guys and why:

April 2021: If all goes well and quoting Chris's words from him that if all does go well and notes are ready to go he will be ready to go back to the Collaboration Podcast sooner. 

May 2021: This is the back up plan if worse comes to worse as I said he has a 3 different ideas in mind and depends how well he does with the planning of the Collaboration Podcast.

June 2021: This is the final month he has planned in the back of his mind and honestly I think this is the month he will be returning so it sounding like by his conversations with myself and Larry this is the set month he will be returning OFFICIALLY. He's hinted that you never know he could be back in studio together and yes he is being optimistic about it. 


               What it is sounding like it will be an 6 month Hiatus then the PR Collaboration Podcast boys will be back in the saddle again. Do not forget they also have to still do Dino Thunder in January and just maybe he's actually hinted the final collab before the break live on Facebook but will have to wait and see honestly. Hope this gives you guys a clue to what he is up to and he is truly up to no good and let him have his fun, LOL. He's doing it for a reason I'm sure. ha-ha! 


Kelsie, CBOTW Management

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