Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Entertainment Man Podcast Season 2 Announcement!

                      That time has come for the big announcement! Season 2 is getting near and I wanted to ensure you the podcast will be back in the new year for a 2nd season. With the success of the 1st season even though it was only 20 episodes short it was a very successful first season and we or I am returning for a 2nd season. I hope this continues on for years down the road and it grows even more and more platforms it gets on and I already noticed it has gotten on other platforms even now which is truly amazing and exciting for me especially. Season 2 will see some interviews and if you would like to be on the Podcast and promote your content, whether is it Podcaster, blogging, YouTube, Twitch, Radio or DJing this is an open invitation to come on my podcast in the New Year to promote your content or stream. I making it clear that I opening up to interviews with my podcast and I will also make an formal post today in the afternoon about this.

                    So the point of today's post is when is the podcast returning and I have been really thinking about this and when the date and I know the Podcast could return Jan 3rd but that would take over my time off from podcasting and my break. It really all comes down to when New Years falls and that happens to be on a Friday in the New Year. I know, I know get on with it. With me explaining the logic behind the date I am happy to say that Sunday, January 10th, 2021 @ 1 pm EST. I am sticking to the same type of schedule for the podcast for 2021 and I can OFFICIALLY say that next year will see 50 brand NEW episodes and it's gonna be even bigger then this years 20 episodes that I did and just wait till January. So with the announcement of the date as I conclude today's post I look forward to the final 3 episodes left of the season before I wrap up the first inaugural season of the podcast and wrapping up this very rough year for podcasts all around. I will talk to you all tomorrow, enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.


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