Monday, November 30, 2020

Recording My 300th Episode This Week!

          This week is indeed a big week for me. I am recording my 300th episode as a Podcaster and it is truly is exciting moment for me to be honest. However I am kind of nervous as you know it will be LIVE and very rare time for me to go live as I do not do a lot of FB Fan Page Lives anymore as I am one busy person. To add the element of going LIVE with this being my 300th Episode is a little nerve wracking and I am re-doing my notes for this week's podcast as I wanna add on and remove a couple of things to the list as this is live and I might forget to say when the live recording happens on Wednesday afternoon as I said before and is exciting stuff to be happening. As you know not all 300 episodes was Entertainment Man Podcast & Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast, majority of the episodes are on the former "Everything About Reality TV" Podcast which as you all know is no longer in a run and has ended almost 6 months now.

             However I am sure with the Collabs and Entertainment Man Podcast, I will hopefully will bring in more numbers down the road but right now I need to focus on what I have and with 2 episodes remaining after recording Live for a special podcast for 3 different reasons, Birthday, 15th Anniversary with Online Media and of course this being my 300th Podcast I have done or hosted over the last 5 years as a full time podcaster. However I am very excited and nervous as I said but it will go away as I know you guys will make it feel like a breeze the half hour I am live on Facebook and honestly it will be a lot of fun. I thought about this idea to do it Live and as you know I am self conscious about going live and kind of over streaming but I will do it for special occasions but that is it. Will not be overly a long stream but least you guys get to see me in the flesh from time to time.


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