Sunday, November 29, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates! [11-29-2020]

             This week hasn't been the easiest for Chris and he addressed it on his fan page and Twitter about it and we do not take being told to "Shutup" lightly. We work countless hours on content and fixing the website so there is changes effective immediately and this comes from the boss man himself who has instructed me to announce this changes so here they are:

Website: As you all know our Discord Server and accounts are down for good Chris has officially given me the OK to announce the Return of the chatroom right here on the website which you can find here: which I am there most of the time minus sleep and Chris is always lurking in even if he's not signed into the chatroom. We had the discord button which was removed from the website as Chris is back with Skype again for good this time around as he's not going to be messing around anymore. Also this week I am going to be starting working on an Terms of Use for both the website and Social Media Probably will not be released till New Year as we want to make things perfect and wanna take our time on it.

Entertainment Man Podcast: With the Podcast near it's Season 1 Finale Chris wanted me let you guys know that Tuesday he will be making an OFFICIAL press release here on the website and across Social Medias when Season 2 begins! He has finally decided on a date and that next Season will consist of 50 New Episodes. This depends on when the dates are each and every year so it can vary however either way he is excited to be returning in the New Year with brand new episodes.

Power Rangers Podcast: Also "Boss Man Chris" wanted me to let you guys know that he will be working on notes all week starting today within the day at some point after he finished editing as he was editing up to the point of the endless drama kind of drew him off but I assure he'll get it done today. This means next week Chris and Larry will be recording and he will be doing a seperate post next week not this week but the following and he will announce when he is recording once him and Larry know when their recording. 

              There is the updates for the week and I hope you have a wonderfull week and I am sure I will be seeing around you guys around Social Media and of course the website and please feel free to pop by the chatroom if you guys have any questions as guest chat is open around the clock but any abuse we will shut guest chat down and you will have to login but I look forward to chatting with you guys throughout the week.


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