Saturday, November 28, 2020

I Know The Plan For January During One Of The Podcasts Are On Hiatus....

               After my visit with my Grandma and getting money from her for my birthday after I was refusing to take the card till next Friday when I see her once again for a visit for my birthday since I will be very busy. However that is besides the point but with that money I will be getting two things and one of the items will happen to be the Mix-Minus setup I have been talking about for the past year and I tried to get the right gear for the mix minus setup and now that I know exactly what I need I can order it and it will be through Amazon as I rather stay home most of the time then go out and buy the stuff that I need to get it and Google is my friend so I can check what I need for the Mix-Minus setup. I even emailed a store to get some extra guidance to what I need for the mix minus setup and another fellow podcaster friend has helped out a ton which is always greatly appreciated! 

                You guys will be seeing an new type of setup in 2021 and I am is excited for the future of podcasting and it will be an better setup. With Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast getting closer to hiatus I have already started to tweak the settings and sound for the mics and so far so good sounds amazing at this moment. I know the fact we're not on the hiatus yet but already started getting things ready for the big return and I know I have been very quiet on the plans moving forward and you guys will know in time what we are doing to the studio and the future of podcasting. This isn't just Larry and I but also Joe is helping out with the changes so we can actually and in meetings all day to figure things out in regards to this changes and getting ready to make these changes in February 2021 next year after Dino Thunder is completed and finished up. As I have said before, I know the date when I wanna return and the dates to catch up. I can say this-- next year will be a different from other years we did this collab. I am again not going to expose everything, I will in time however just got to start preparing for the New Year, big stuff coming, I can tell you guys that.


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