Wednesday, December 9, 2020

15 Years In Online Media!

              15 Years ago today, I started my journey in Online Media, being a Content Creator. I started creating videos so I guess you could call me an Video Content Creator even tho at this time 15 years ago, I wasn't even on the YouTube platform as of yet. That didn't come till 2 years later as of January 31st, 2008 is when "TheDirector015" channel was created and actually believe it or not still exists on YouTube as they never removed it off their platform which is insane those videos are on there. There was 2 Phases of the first stretch of my Online Media, the YouTube ERA which consisted when I was still the Founder/Owner/President/CEO of The Video Projects Team between 2005 and 2014 which was near it's 9th Year of Operations. The Second phase is Podcasting which I will get to shortly. One of the most notable series that I did and ran a very long time between May 23, 2008 and June 2015 which was an 8 year run even tho it went on Hiatus while I went to school or attended college. The first channel has up to 40 subs at the most which was the most but the channel got quite a lot of attention to it over the time it was active till someone got in and unattached the email to the channel and now the channel sits there but I got a plan to have it closed down once I download all the videos. I already been in touch with Team YouTube about the situation and waiting and hoping they reach back out to me about this as the channel has to go as I am no longer. Another story for another day. I created a new channel under TheChrisBOnline or something along the line of that and was around between November 2014 and June 2016 when I subsequently quit YouTube to be a full time podcaster and bring Everything About Reality TV Podcast under Audio ONLY.

                In November 2014, I had a music and talk podcast called the Chris B Podcast which ran up to March of 2015 when it was cancelled. I also had a small stint with a sports podcast in 2015 but left it due to unnecessary drama. I also started blogging on a daily basis from events to several types of topics on a regular basis. Everything About Reality TV Podcast started up September 2015 on YouTube then moved into Audio ONLY up to it's cancellation this year in June 2020. Last year I was a Co-Host of another podcast but left for certain reasons and was my decision and my decision only on December 10th, 2019 which it will be an year tomorrow. However that was a year ago and I am focusing on now and that is what really matters and this year saw the final downfall of Everything About Reality TV Podcast and the birth of what you guys have been listening to for the past many months now, Entertainment Man Podcast which is a success on it's own and you guys have been enjoying it as the stats on that page has proven it too. Also in 2018, Larry and I formed our own Collaboration Podcast called "Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast" which has seen a huge success and we have enjoyed. In the end it has been quite a ride in the last 15 years and nothing but proud on how the success of this website has become and I'm nowhere near finished at this point as I am going to continue to create content. I wanna thank all of you, fans, friends, family, my management team of Charlotte and Billy for your support. I also wanna thank my Alumni, Eric, Gordie, Justin; plus I cannot forget my Senior Producer and Co-Host of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast which has carved the path of success for this website. Here is to many more years with ChrisBOnTheWeb &! Cheers! 🍻


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