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Friday, December 15, 2017

Everything About Reality TV Winter/Spring 2018 Season

          Well it is that time once again to make this announcement and been dreading this for the past week but it has to be done. As you know next week I will be wrapping my 4th Season coverage of Reality TV and it is time to announce the next season of Reality TV. So here is the schedule for the upcoming season which is 2.5 weeks away from starting:

December 19th, 2017: Recording The Preview for Amazing Race 30

December 21st, 2017: 4th Season/Fall 2017 Season wraps up recording

December 28th, 2017: Amazing Race 30 Preview Podcast release @ 9 pm EST

January 4th, 2018: Amazing Race 30 RECAPS Start

March 1st, 2018: Survivor 36 RECAPS Start (Proper Name not confirmed, but Survivor Ghost Island is rumored to be the name) @ 8 pm EST

           Now For Big Brother Canada 6, the date of it starting hasn't been confirmed yet, however I will keep you guys informed and this blog can and will be re-posted once the date comes closer. The 100th Episode of Everything About Reality TV is coming closer and closer and as of next week, I will be at 90 episodes and you guys didn't know I was this close and I am! Once I am near episode # 99, I will be making the announcement in the way of the 100th Episode and what the plan is for it, if guests will be involved or will it be a normal everyday recap, you guys will know in due time. As for off season podcasts, I put them on hold until the suitable time. Also planning on recovering episodes from fall 2015, Winter/Spring 2016.  Things are still tentative but this is what I am thinking for Everything About Reality TV and any questions or concerns please ask in the Facebook group or on Twitter @ChrisBOnTheWeb on both social media or