Sunday, August 11, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Huge Announcement!

               The moment is here that you have all been waiting for. The huge announcement I have been holding onto since Thursday last week when my private group found out first as I have a private group to discuss things around the CBOTW Community but anyways to catch you guys up to speed I have made an addition to Everything About Reality TV in the way of covering TV Shows and I already looked into it and this show and it is a Reality TV Show. So with great pleasure it is my honor and privilege to announce the return of Hell's Kitchen Recaps! Now you are going to wonder am I going to host it? The answer to that is no. I have brought on someone new to the podcast to take those over. His name is Billy which you can find him on Twitter @Billy1196 and on Instagram billiams11 He will be the one that will be behind the microphone at his own place and he will be sending it to me to get it finalized and posted up on the Everything About Reality TV Audio ONLY Feed since YouTube screwed us over with that false copyright claims from a company but they took it down which I will address tomorrow's blog. Anyways I am excited for this change and the fact I am slowly stepping back on my role to 3 shows that I am now covering. I plan on getting other hosts down the line too for Big Brother Canada Season 8 and Big Brother US Season 22 and will be open to video applications online for this volunteer position. So Billy is just the start of things for the Everything About Reality TV Podcast crew.

                    Now I do not know when it will start and right now as there is not a schedule that has been released nor if it will be this fall or in the New Year so It is hard to tell at the moment as it is to be determined and it will be a tough one to answer. Soon as I know when the release date is then I will be doing up the schedule weekly. I do have Survivor: Island of The Idols scheduled at the top of my head so I am ready however few problems occurring the first week as I will not be home that Wednesday for the premiere, I will be at a friends for the premiere and finally of Big Brother US. However got ideas and know my schedule the next season which this will be our 12th season. Yes I said "Our" as Billy is the newest addition to the team. However like I said I am so thrilled to have him on the team and this podcast is constantly changing and this podcast is still in it's prime for it almost hitting 4 years of hard work it was finally time to bring someone new onto the podcast to help out and he is solely on his own with support from me mostly. I am the one adding in the theme but I think he will be the one to edit as well.  However we have to work on details right now and we have some time between now to work out the details. So welcome aboard Billy glad to have you part of this team even if it is a yearly thing for several months either way it is great to have him on board. I know he will do a good job.


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