Monday, August 12, 2019

YouTube-- Copyright Claims On My Now Former YouTube Podcast Channel

             I have been quiet about this for a while and kept it off the website blog for a few weeks as I have been very very upset at the way it happened. What happened if you are wondering? I will be able tell you as it has been a couple of weeks since the incident happened. Well as you know last month I was in Boston with my parents for a family vacation/holiday whatever you call it. Anyways I got home and back into the grind of blog posts and podcasts and I was going to pre-record a video version of the podcast to premiere onto YouTube but found every single video had minus the intro video to have a copyright claim when the only music was the royalty free intro I have that introduces you guys to the hosts now that we have a second host added onto it. Apparently the claim was I was playing B-52s when there was nothing in the way to that artist so I do not know what the heck they would claim it honestly when that is the only music is the royalty free intro, no singing nothing. It could of been while I was doing the podcast but honestly the rest of that was just me talking! Me, I own the content, I am the Founder/Executive Producer/Host of the podcast! I own all the rights to it. Everything About Reality TV is produced by Chris B On The Web, so CBOTW pretty much also owns the rights since I run and operate the group.  So all of this really did tick me the heck off and I was pretty mad for about a week or so. However now I am pretty much over it all now. 

              So what did I do? I have once again and plan on never returning to YouTube, the channel was subsequently closed by moi (me) as I just do not need this extra stress. I did nothing wrong to deserve this. I did fight the claims and won but I still do not want to return anytime soon as of right now I am over YouTube honestly and fully retired from the platform as a content creator. However I am still active on there watching my favorite YouTubers that are still very much active on the platform. Either then that Everything About Reality TV is back to Audio ONLY now as you guy know and still going very much strong. I am nowhere near done as you know with the recent announcement were going big. It's go big or go home. Honestly have been creating content on Instagram TV which I have now been enjoying and has been doing well. I am forever grateful in the end for the community I grew the 38 subs that I had on both the original channel which I really need to start downloading all the old videos and storing them on a hard drive before I try to get to get that channel taken down for good as it has been inactive. But the copyright claims were totally uncalled for when there was no copyrighted material, just me talking about Reality TV so that really put the damper on things so that is why I have gone back to Audio ONLY and haven't decided to stick to Audio ONLY and it is the best move I can make at this point. I know you guys told me you do not blame me for making this move. 


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