Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Did A Walk Down At The Lake Yesterday...

             Yesterday I did a walk down at the lake with my former staff and alum, Eric and it really brought back a lot of the memories from both series that was filmed. Eric even mentioned when we first started it was all started by a school project. Also we did several episodes down at the lake for both Durham Entertainment Today and also The Entertainment Man Talk Show especially. The Entertainment Man Talk Show, if I remember there was 2 or 3 episodes down there that we filmed with the rest of the crew.  We also went back to the Gazebo where the first episode was first filmed on January 7th, 2006 which was the very first filming date that we filmed a series. Yes I remember the date and I remembered when it was cancelled which is something I do not want to actually remember though. We also did a walk down the path that I use to do and he use to do which brought back a ton of the memories from the past. We were down at the beach area and it really made some memorable moments of another staff I use to have and I we took a picture down at the lake which I do not know where that pic ever went to after all these years.  Finally down at the pier which a freighter boat was actually there unloading steel beams from the boat. We actually walked on the pier and if I remember we did film somewhere on the pier but do not remember whatsoever where.

               Finally we headed back to the main building where the snack bar and had  bite to eat and we just went to the snack bar not the new restaurant they have down there. However the restaurant looked pretty cool and I think it is a great idea to add that into the lakefront and it does generate more people to the waterfront too. There were people actually eating there so that is a good sign that people are going to that restaurant and my dad and I should eventually try that out down the road. Last final thoughts on this little excursion down to the lake really rejuvenated me and got me all relaxed for the next couple of days of getting things ready for podcasts to be released tomorrow and Friday to ensure I can get back to a normal schedule. This idea was entirely mine and was the best idea I ever had as a long walk was what I needed. The fresh air really cleared my mind from any stress that I have had and I actually rephrased a meme "You Can't Fix Stupid, even with duct tape" to "You Can't fix baldness even with chrome polish" and did one for my friend, former staff and alumni Gordie as well just for fun.  Last but not least, It was a nice walk down memory lane for Eric and I honestly and was neat to actually remember the good old days of us filming a web series for YouTube but that is now behind me as I am now into the world of Podcasting but again still nice to remember the good times not the negative.


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