Wednesday, August 14, 2019

My Thoughts For The Upcoming Big Brother Canada Season 8....

               Now that there was a post about BBCAN8, it is starting to make me wonder what the plan is. I have several ideas, thoughts and theories behind the upcoming season next year and this is why I called off the other post I was suppose to do today till tomorrow which you will see what I mean tomorrow. Anyways I wanna talk about this as I am, I mean it has me wondering as there has been speculation on one basic thing that we have been waiting for now 8 seasons. Here is my theories and thoughts:

1) All-Stars: This has been on our mind since the 7th season has now wrapped up and we could be seeing an All-Star season, however would the casting director make an announcement that casting information is coming soon? I mean wouldn't they stay quiet if it indeed been an all stars season cast? Their definitely wouldn't be anything in the way of auditions for an All-Stars as that is mainly them bringing back old cast from the previous 7 seasons so I am not totally certain there will not be an All-Stars yet but never know with Big Brother, Expect, the unexpected. They could be hyping us up for an All-Stars season after all but never know!

2) Big Brother Canada Vs. U.S. with newbies from both the U.S. and Canada- A topic long talked about after season 4 of Big Brother Canada after getting international houseguests in that season. I pretty much am convinced as they are talking about casting calls information is coming soon, like I said I think All-Stars is not in the question but again but you just do not know what they have in stored. 

3) Big Brother Canada Vs U.S. With Veterans- I know not every fan is fond of returnees but this could be another option, however what would be the point of auditions or casting information as it was said, that casting information is coming soon so this means there probably be casting so the 2nd one is probably more the probable at this point.

                 There is my list of 3 ideas that is going through my list as I spent about an hour and a half with Eric and we were talking to get my mind off the recent drama in my life and anything right now is possible with this. I just do not know which way they will go or they will once again have newbies this season. Eric mentioned they could be doing 8 Canadians, 8 American's in the winter and the same in the summer in the U.S So I just do not really can put a finger on it as I do not know what their plan is but right now it is but if it was All-Stars, there would of not been an announcement about casting but it is still early to tell and they could even do an All-Stars season but we will find out in time. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below!


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