Monday, November 13, 2017

Website Update & Announcement (11-13-2017)

                I cannot delay this anymore then I have since the end of October but here is my Announcement and Website announcement I have been holding off almost a month now and it will not be a very long winded announcement:

                So as you may know has been suffering a lot with problems on the server side of things and now the website going to sleep at 3 am EST every night which you don't really notice it but my theory behind it is a website is suppose to be up and running 24 hours, 7 days a week and it only runs 23 hours, 7 days a week which isn't right so with that I am moving the site with a new provider next year once the domain expires and will be getting it with 000webhost themselves well Hostinger24 who are partnered up with 000webhost but next year I will be changing everything over with them officially as of a year from now so the website will be running very smoothly then it has been in the last year. Website is the last stage of the re-build for Chris B On The Web.

               2nd announcement for Chris B On The Web is as of Mid December (next month) I will be taking a small break till mid or late February from Everything About Reality TV Podcast in the way of TV Show recaps because my head has been going non stop and I just need a mental break from the podcast. This however don't mean I will not be doing off season podcasts on this podcast because I will be recording and posting em up every week or every 2 weeks up on the Audio ONLY feeds so you can get your fix of Everything About Reality TV Podcast so the feeds will still be very much active during the break from recapping the shows we all love to watch! This don't mean I won't be watching Celebrity Big Brother US because I will be tuning into the show regardless! 

                3rd and final announcement: In the New Year Larry and I will be doing the CBOTW Presents: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Talk and it will be split into parts, PT 1: Season 1, PT 2: Season 3, PT 2, Season 3. Also I have an interview lined up for the spring with a good friend and long time real life friend Jeff. Also the 100th Episode of Everything About Reality TV Podcast is in the very near future and excited to be recording the 100th episode in the New year at some point but that will be decided when it gets closer to the 100th episode. 

                That is what is to come for podcasts and what the plan for the website for and I thought Chris B On The Web was a sinking ship but it isn't, it's slowly coming together, week after week. Don't think I am not working hard because I sure am!


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