Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Chris B On The Web Turns 3 Years Old Today!

               I cannot believe the time has flown by and you are wondering what I am talking about, well if you saw the title and I know it's sort of click bait but yes it is true, today marks Chris B On The Web's 3rd birthday, also its been 3 years being on my own with minimal help, well now I got no help so I am truly on my own and it has been a whirlwind of a journey as a blogger/YouTuber/Podcaster now a Blogger/Podcaster but I truly have had more fun then I did the first 1.5 now almost a year and a half later.

               First had to start somewhere, I continued on with my YouTube channel till as you guys know went downhill very quickly which obviously you know I took Everything About Reality TV from YouTube and brought it to Audio ONLY and the rest is history. Ever since the start of CBOTW (Chris B On The Web) its gone nothing but uphill even with struggles each and everyday and the fact I got over these hurdles is quite a surprise to me actually. 

                  When the team I had left one by one, I knew it was time to start fending for myself and myself only I knew change was to happen and not little change, major change is to happen and I did it one step at a time and will talk about the podcast on another post probably Thursday at some point. 

                    I can say I am proud of Chris B On The Web and the connections and long friendships I have made with people on social media. Not only that staying in touch with 5 Alumni members who once were part of my team at one point they are always giving me advice and always looking out for my well being, but also my moderators of my Facebook group and of course the fans on both social media's have also been in touch and giving their opinions as well which I always welcome. Like I said my fans are important to me with Chris B On The Web as I have now involved the fan base with some of the big decisions or when I got a question, I like to turn to the fans when I need to and if I do a poll sometimes it works, sometimes not but I try to involve the fan as much as possible. In conclusion I cannot believe and grasp how far I have gone but in the long run I am proud of what I have done and how far I have gone without giving up and quitting after all I have been through it is totally worth every minute of the stress, I call it progress and like the saying goes, patience is a virtue! Thank you to the fans, Twitter Followers, Facebook Group members, Facebook Group Moderators, My Alumni Eric, Dave, Krissy, Justin & Larry for being there even at my moments of doubts. Finally I wanna thank my family members for being there for me and putting up with my crap ton of noise from the studio here in the basement. I am forever grateful for the Love & Support through the good times and the bad and looking forward to Chris B On The Web's future and what it is to bring in the near future.


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