Wednesday, November 15, 2017

My Favorite Seasons of Big Brother Canada & Why!

               Today's blog is going to be quite different and this is kind of hard to do as a off season podcast of Everything About Reality TV so I am writing this as a blog post as Big Brother Canada favorite seasons from Season 1 - 5, will update this list as new seasons are on TV, so without further ado, here is my list of my top 5 favorite seasons of Big Brother and why:

               5th favorite season: Season 2: The twist of the secret room and the shredding of the letters, secret bum POV it wasn't overall the greatest season but it was indeed a neat twist to have and it has never been done.

                4th favorite season: Season 3- Why? this is really the toughest decision, because I loved every season of Big Brother and I am not wanting to be bias of any of the seasons but this is truly the toughest. Now I love that Kevin, loved Pili, Loved Sarah, Zach, Ashleigh, Jordan, all great houseguests, loved the twists, entering the house to nothing! The secret POV, this should of been really really hate to put this at the bottom of my list. 

                3rd favorite season: Season 4- The twist of having internationals was a fantastic idea! The slop vote was one of my most favorite moments that even made it into season 5 which is the most recent season of Big Brother Canada.

                 2nd favorite season of Big Brother Canada is Season 1 of Big Brother Canada which most of us know it is the first it was the inaugural Season of the show and we cannot forget Talla's 19199 moment... 😛 Also Topaz's vote mishap which Arisa now says every year at the finale, vote for the one you want to WIN the game. 

                   1st and my most favorite season is Season 5 which is the most recent season of Big Brother, not just because I picked Kevin as a winner, just because it was split of newbies and we saw veterans come back for the first time in Big Brother Canada History and trust me it will not be the end of seeing veterans. Also the moments with Ika not afraid to speak her mind to 5 weeks of safety at the start of the game, backdoor after backdoor. 

                     There is my list, do you agree with it or not, it is OK if you don't agree and honestly I don't agree with my list entirely as it is, it was the hardest list to make on this post but let me know in the comments.


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