Sunday, November 19, 2017

Busy Week Ahead of Me!

            This week will indeed be an busy week for me once again as I have an appointment this week, well tomorrow and on top of that I will be doing a random podcast for you guys, outside Everything About Reality TV and the topic I am keeping quiet as I wanna surprise you guys on the topic that was chosen for this special “Random” Podcast. This was requested by a fan and also my moderator of the Chris B On The Web Facebook group that we have as one of the social media websites. It is very exciting to see you guys more and more involved each and everyday which I honestly love the interaction with you guys on a regular basis. Please keep an eye out on social media for when it goes up on my website.

          Not only that but blog posts I plan trying to write everyday this week which my goal for the week and I intend to actually be on track with the blogs and I got some real great topics, including some games I would like to get updated version of the game. What games? You will have to wait and see what I have in stored for the blog post tomorrow. So this week will be filled with lots of fun.

         Do not forget also on Thursday, I will be recording and posting up the next Everything About Reality TV Podcast recapping Survivor Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers EP # 9 and I am once again excited for this weeks next recap. I got a post to do Tuesday about it on my blog. So there you have it a busy but productive week for me and it keeps out of trouble at least... ha-ha!



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