Monday, November 20, 2017

Games I Would Like To Play (UPDATED)

                     So I have decided for today's blog post is dig into the blog archives and update the list as I realized weeks later, maybe a month later that I missed a bunch of video games so this is my entire list and I apologize if this is long blog but here is the updated post from a while back:

                    Minecraft Tekkit:  I am getting a full copy of Minecraft, I am planning to play Tekkit and hopefully maybe a friend will want to play with me or get one of my former listeners to play with me on the holidays. But either way I do want to play Minecraft once again.

                   The Binding of Isaac Re-Birth: This moment is pretty much I have been waiting for is completing The Binding of Isaac and moving on to Re-Birth for the longest time and been struggling with the game recently but I need to do more runs but trust me, I am eager to get to Re-Birth, I am merely excited to play it but aiming by mid 2018 to finishing, I am going to make some hard core runs in the coming months. 

                     Mutant Football: Looks like a hard game and I don't mind hard, just going to try it out and if I don't like it, I won't play it anymore but you guys know me well enough to not give up, well minus me recently raging Farming Simulator 17 for now, but I am always open to playing new games on Steam.

                     Star Wars Battlefront II: It more then likely will be quite expensive at first but once the price goes down, I will definitely be playing Battlefront II. I am really hoping this time around it is more exciting, the one thing that I found hard was the flying around and not enough of the flying missions or I mainly found it difficult to destroy the AT Walkers or ships but you can destroy the ships but I find it hard. What I hope to expect more flying missions besides ground missions and I hope to have more then Tie fighters, X Wing fighters, A Wing fighters, I hope there an option for the Millennium Falcon to fight with, also Bobo Fett's ship as well, could be a neat feature.
                   Oxygen Not Included: I watched Dan Gheesling play this game and definitely would like to give this game a chance and I am pretty fair when trying a game out and if it doesn't work then I usually research what I am suppose to do but this is worth a try and looks really good and sort of a throwback video game. 

                    Call of Duty WW2 Multiplayer: I have played Call of Duty, the original of the games and part of the 2nd but not the entire game whatsoever as I got stuck and sort of rage quit but willing to give Call of Duty WW2 Multiplayer a chance.

                    There you have it it is on my list and some of these I will not get a chance to play, some of these might not get  a chance to play but wanna try and play a majority of them, at least The Binding of Isaac Re-Birth, Star Wars Battlefront II, Oxygen Not Included & Call of Duty WW2 Multiplayer I will get a chance to play when I get the game but I think I will not get a chance to play Minecraft Tekkit and Mutant Football as Mutant Football looks hard and Tekkit I need help and wanna play with someone else but if anyone wants to play Tekkit hit me up on social media. For the other games listed definitely want to play these games in the nearby future! 


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