Monday, December 4, 2017

Concerns, Everything About Reality TV, Everything About Reality TV Update

                   I know the Net Neutrality will not impact me much up in Canada if passed but the facts is my podcast is on an American Website and it will be throttled whether or not I am in Canada or The United States of America. This definitely hurts my podcast In every way, shape and form and if they throttle the websites my podcasts are on, it most definitely hurts my podcasts future on the internet and yet I got royalty free intro and the rest pretty much is me talking on the podcast, the intro is like 30 seconds then that's it. If it doesn't pass then everything will stand as it is with my podcast and running the podcast each and every week.

                    Now another thing that is on my mind with my podcast currently is the stability of the Reality TV Shows in the last several months with Big Brother Canada going on hiatus for a month, put me into a panic that my podcast was going downhill. I understand Survivor, Amazing Race won't be around forever but as long as I got Reality TV Shows to cover, I am happy to be recapping it for you guys once to a few times a week, depending on the schedule for the Reality TV. However yes I was concerned to the future of this podcast but I feel positive that it will be around for a while still and if it does end, I can always do other podcast projects in the near future and start a new journey. Like the saying goes, one door closes and another one opens to start something new.

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