Sunday, December 3, 2017

Port Perry Santa Claus Parade 2017

            This is a different blog from any of the previous blog posts, I have done in the last couple of days and change is good. So last night I got to go to the Port Perry Santa Claus Parade, the first time since November/December 2009 which is almost 10 years ago since I have went to the parade last. So it was quite sometime ago since I was there and would like to try and go every year since we missed the parade in my city where I'm from. 

            So we left a bit late so we ended up parking further away then usual and of course we ended up walking where we were going to stand but hey it was good, because it was close to a spot where we can see the parade and also we got a treat, my dad got a coffee and a tart, I just had a raisin scone as I wasn't thirsty at all but the scone was delicious.

             As for the parade it was good, but there were somethings that I wasn't happy with, one being the parade was spaced out way to much and I felt like it was slow in sections. I know I am whining and complaining but it was the truth. I didn't really care it was a smaller parade because I understood it was a small town which I thought it made it more quaint for a parade. Would I go back? Probably as long as they don't space it out a lot, I will be more then happy to go back next year for the 2018 Port Perry Santa Claus Parade!


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