Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Minecraft On PC or Minecraft on PS3? Which One Do I Prefer?

             So on Christmas Day, I got to play the PS3, which I have played Playstation before, however I haven't had played Minecraft before on the PS3 and boy let me tell you, it is totally different from playing Minecraft the PC! Aiming the character's head to you are looking the right way is hard. Getting wood and actually staying alive in the game is utterly impossible, there was times I gave the remote to my nephew where I needed to rest as I was ready to rage quit at certain times of playing the game. But I got the hang of it eventually but I ended up dying quite a lot as I had no armor whatsoever and it was quite hard compare to the armor I am use to on Minecraft here on my studio computer, but I tried as hard as I can to help my niece and nephew, first goal was to get wood and even for me that proved impossible even for this Minecraft expert. I went back to complete Minecraft noob mode once again. I felt entirely helpless without the tools and armor I had. Plus trying to get food from scratch isn't easy and trying to bring the animals into the pens to build a farm to have animals and a liable food source as well. But you guys know me I am always up for the challenge and I was and it was a learning curve for me.

               Now which one would I prefer to use? Well obviously the PC version of Minecraft as I am currently use to and I got strong to quite strong of armor which I have had since beating the wither last year at some point. That armor will never ever break, it's break less and my sword will never break either, so either of the two items will break anytime soon. So I am use that, but also the surroundings around the house, the property I am in, the underground tunnels I have dug out, so I am use to that. That is the reason why I rather play on PC, however it was a learning curve and I am always open to new experiences like this so I actually enjoyed it and learned how to use a remote more.


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