Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Am I Looking Forward To Winter?

                 So am I looking forward to snow this winter? No! Not really, it's driving me insane with this cold weather at the moment with my knee, pain and possible arthritis which is another blog post for later on in the week, hint, hint, double hint 😉

                 I mean the snow is nice around this time of the year, especially around Christmas time and what not but before or after the holidays having it non stop is would drive you nuts after a while and trust me what I have heard this Winter as I'm in Ontario that we are getting snow and boy I am not happy one bit the fact its here and I gotta deal with it and especially with my knee.

                  One good thing is, I can play in the snow with my niece and nephew especially, make a fort, make snowballs for a snowball fight, snow angels and just have plain good old fun with my niece and nephew. So yes and no I am looking forward to winter, as for the no it is mainly my knee that is driving me nuts and that's the post for tomorrow that I will be writing about. One other thing I sure look forward to with the snow is having a white Christmas and I think we will end up having a white Christmas as long as the white stuff stays on the group between now and Christmas we should have  a white one this year up here in Ontario. However, there are pros and cons to snow and I think I pretty much put my opinion on am I am looking forward to Winter, what do you guys think? Are you looking forward to winter? Let me know!


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