Sunday, December 10, 2017

Who Are My Favorite YouTubers?

          I don't think I have ever covered this in the blog before but that's OK, I am covering it right now in this blog post today. So which YouTuber's do I watch on the platform, yes even despite the adpocalypse on YouTube and the family friendly content, here is a general list of who I watch on YouTube:

McJuggernuggets: Ever since I discovered the Psycho Series, I've become a fan of his channel and watched his New series ever since then. And yes, I know it's fake! Knew that from after watching a few episodes, however I enjoy his series for entertainment purposes and that only, I don't care if it's fake or not, I enjoy watching his videos. Also ever since joining the IPhone Club, I've downloaded his app Storyfire which that is where his series are first before YouTube, so I keep up with his videos.

The Angry Grandpa Show: I found AGP's/ KidBehindACamera's channel through recommendations after watching McJuggernuggets channel which I know sounds off but whenever I am down, I watch a AGP video and it makes me laugh and puts a smile back on my face, as you know I have dealt with depression in the last couple of years and watching the videos, really make my day better and I am a AGP Fan for life. 

Boogie2988: Boogie has been an inspiration to me especially with his weight loss and inspired me to look after myself better. Not only that but I loved his Francis videos, whether it was a Francis rage or him cooking and messing up a meal like the turkey video, I really enjoy em.

RealManPwns: I have seen his casts since days and find him hilarious with his Ma'am, Ma'am! Love watching his cooking videos especially. Haven't seen a new video by him in 2 months but still continue to be a loyal subscriber.

             I didn't mention a lot of people but these are the ones who I love to watch on an almost regular basis but I watch other channels like Rob Has A Podcast, McCann's Farm, Corrado & Saskia from Apprentice Eh, NishaJD and several other channels.


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