Sunday, December 10, 2017

12 Years In Online Media!

              So 12 years ago yesterday, I started my journey with Online Media, but started mainly making videos but not posting them up on YouTube. Then the group lasting up to it's 8.5 year mark in 2014, was so close to 9 years near 8 yrs on YouTube officially. Then making the move to Podcasting and haven't looked back since and love creating Reality TV Recap Podcasts each week.

               I've notice I have grown in the social media in the way of Twitter as you know I had 2 different Twitter accounts but the first one is now deleted and gone from the Twitterverse, as you know with the current social media I got right now is the one I use only now. It is amazing since 2013 my social media reached passed 1000 followers then now currently almost half way to 3200 followers so watching my social media grow is insane! I have grown as a person, also learned around problems and conflict with other people. I can say I am more knowledge of fixing problems, especially technology wise now too, yes I am talking about my website being the primary problem over the last couple of years.

                  I love what I do each and everyday and sharing my knowledge, wisdom & wit. Also interacting with you guys on a daily basis, I love getting to know each and everyone of you and connecting with other bloggers and podcaster's in the Twitter community each and everyday of my life. I am planning to keep on going with Chris B On The Web for years to come and hope you continue to support me in the years come as I continue to grow my fan base. Second Blog Post to come at 6 pm EST, in the meantime, have a great afternoon!



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