Saturday, December 9, 2017

Toronto Christmas Market @ Toronto Distillery District 2017!

          So last night, more like Thursday night, I got to go to the Distillery District in Toronto for the Toronto Christmas Market with my dad and this was the first time for us going to this ever and we heard about this last year and wanted to go but apparently it ended before Christmas but this year it goes up to the day before Christmas. We traveled to Toronto Via Go Train as it is the fastest way into the city, due to traffic during the rush hour time it would not be too good if we drove in we would of been stuck in traffic and there later then we were on Thursday Night.

So we got there, we took the subway to King Station and the streetcar over to the Distillery District. We got there and went in and I was amazed by all the lights at the distillery/Toronto Christmas Market, the red, the white lights. As you can see above, the white and red lights. Also as you see in the picture above I had a picture with me behind the white star which makes me like a star I guess. They had booths with small snow globes, also Christmas decorations as well. Their were some with food or snacks like a grilled Cheese stand, poutine which I had a poutine with Montreal Smoked Meat which is a French-Canadian kind of dish here in Canada. Also they got a huge tree as you can see on the left side of the post with my dad sort of under the tree. We had a great night, minus the transit booting us off as it was going out of service which it could of gone out of service at the loop and we could of waited for another streetcar to head back to Union Station but oh well, it is what it is and we managed to get home around 930 pm that evening and boy I was exhausted but yet I stayed up till 1 or 2 am in the morning which I haven't slept well but I felt relaxed after a fun evening.


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