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Friday, December 8, 2023

Tyrone Parade of Lights 2023!


       I will explain everything at 11 am what the heck happened with the blog yesterday that will be the first basic part of the end of the week updates! Anyways Wednesday day and a half ago I was at the Tyrone Parade of Lights. We visited Tyrone Mills and got ourselves a nice Apple Cider and a Coconut tart which was very, very delicious. I love anything Coconut and it was very delicious and enjoyed it but we ate it after the parade as we were busy with enjoying the floats going by us. 

         So we got out, I got to finish up the Apple Cider the parade started and it was pretty quick like a few minutes after we got outside of the mill which was awesome. I loved a lot of the changes the floats had this year and this year I think one or two floats were the same and actually a lot of different ones as well. We actually got to go look at them very close up to the tractors and went crazy on Instagram and tried to take some pics. I need to work on the bigger camera for night shots it's work in progress. However I enjoyed the parade as this was for the first time in 4 years that we have attended and look forward to the next one next year because I can tell you all it is on the schedule. Anyways that is the post and I will speak to All in 2 hours or less depending when you read this post. 




Thursday, December 5, 2019

Tyrone Farmers 20th Anniversary Parade 2019!

            So yesterday, I got to go to the Tyrone Farmers Parade for the first time in 2 years as last year the weather was bad and 2 it happened to be on my birthday which is today and on a Thursday. Anyways, we were not going to go originally however we decided to go anyways despite we were tired as we worked on the walls in the studio which an update is coming Sunday afternoon's blog post. So we went and on our way we ended getting snow falling which honestly made the experience nice. We went down to the actual mill and wanted to get cider and donuts but the line-up was absolutely insane. However the way I think of it that is definitely good for the business. Anyways we walked back up the damn hill which mind you I was exhausted by the time I got back up the hill I was exhausted and panting hard but hey I survived. We went all the way up to where the church was and stayed put for the remainder of the time we were there. Ran into another fellow bowler that bowled in the same league for at least 10 plus years that I was in that league and it was great to catch up with em as the last time I saw them was at the Orono Fair.

        We waited quite some time for the parade to start and I was getting pretty stiff honestly with the waiting game but when it started there was over 10 different floats that I saw as it is actually their 20th anniversary so it was a bonus and if I remember correctly I have been going since I was still in high school at the time so that spans over 10 years for him and I doing this event. One bonus thing about this parade too is the fact they actually had the vintage tractors too and also people riding horses so it was pretty special 20th anniversary. So we are guessing this parade was done in 1999 just before my final year in elementary school before the start of high school. Either way we had a good time despite the wait but in the end it was truly worth going and looking forward to the parade in 2020. One final thing to say is next week I am off to the last event for 2019 which is the Christmas Market in Toronto to wrap things up for events in 2019 so I am definitely looking forward to that and stay tuned to social media when I am heading there.


Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Tyrone Parade of Lights 2017

             This year at the Tyrone Parade of Lights, was a bit frustrating to deal with the missing battery pack at the start of the parade which it was left here in the studio and let me say, I've loaded it for tonight's event I am going to, hence no Everything About Reality TV Podcast tonight and it's going up tomorrow. So every year I go to Tyrone and have been for about 10 years now. 

              So to take pictures were taken by my IPhone obviously as I messed up forgetting to load the camera battery last night. One thing I did find very frustrating with this parade the fact they said 730 pm and it didn't come till 20 mins to 8 O'Clock so they were late and boy I wasn't happy, I wasn't having it, I was not a happy camper and I wanted to go home and forget this parade. I even said to my dad, I wasn't going to come back next year, but I had second thoughts not long after. 

                Once the parade started, I enjoyed it, actually I noticed right off the bat there was a lot of new floats then last year so or there were additions to the parade then they had last year minus the first float as you see above and on the left side of this blog Santa on his Case Tractor but with a trailer this year that probably was the only one that was in this parade as they changed but I would have to go compare notes and I will do a follow up blog next week once I know what the differences are and it will make a different blog post and I wanna compare notes to last year's parade. Also the parade had more floats then last year and it was even better then last year, but my dad mentioned they should start it 30 mins earlier then they normally do. Other then that when it finished I said yes, I would go back next year no matter what happened this year with the late parade because I really do enjoy these parades each and every year with my dad.

Have  a great rest of your day!


Thursday, December 8, 2016

Tyrone Parade of Lights & 70th Blog Post!

First of all this is my 70th Blog Post, cannot believe it has been this many blog posts already and time has flown by very very fast and I am only 30 posts away from 100 and trust me it will be a special one indeed. I cannot believe I keep on writing these blogs for you guys and I am sure you guys are enjoying my blog posts each and everyone that comes out on a almost regular basis. Trying to keep on a daily basis, however at the most it is every second day at the most if worse comes to worse.

Anyways the main focus of this blog post is the Tyrone Parade of Lights up in Tyrone. Obviously I went with my dad and my 5 year old niece and nephew and was neat in a way to share this experience with them and what I do as a blogger, going to local events and taking pictures and writing a blog post about it. This is what I enjoy on top of the podcasts I do on the website. So we arrived we got cookies and hot chocolate for the kids, always for the kids as Dan Gheesling says on his playthroughs. I didn't indulge due to me still on my diet and I am on my diet till i lose the weight I want. So the wait started, I was cuddling with my niece which before we went, she was being dramatic, typical 5 year old... yes... I played around with her we were playing around with the snow that was on the ground and what not. We then eventually moved down the road a bit and it began. I recognized the first tractor, the white one with the stars sticking out so we knew that was always in the first or second tractor. Some tractors or truck in the farming community we didn't recognize so was nice to see some new entries as well as entries from past parades. In conclusion the parade was once again amazing and loved every moment of it. Below is a few pics.

Have a great night everyone!