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Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Tyrone Parade of Lights 2017

             This year at the Tyrone Parade of Lights, was a bit frustrating to deal with the missing battery pack at the start of the parade which it was left here in the studio and let me say, I've loaded it for tonight's event I am going to, hence no Everything About Reality TV Podcast tonight and it's going up tomorrow. So every year I go to Tyrone and have been for about 10 years now. 

              So to take pictures were taken by my IPhone obviously as I messed up forgetting to load the camera battery last night. One thing I did find very frustrating with this parade the fact they said 730 pm and it didn't come till 20 mins to 8 O'Clock so they were late and boy I wasn't happy, I wasn't having it, I was not a happy camper and I wanted to go home and forget this parade. I even said to my dad, I wasn't going to come back next year, but I had second thoughts not long after. 

                Once the parade started, I enjoyed it, actually I noticed right off the bat there was a lot of new floats then last year so or there were additions to the parade then they had last year minus the first float as you see above and on the left side of this blog Santa on his Case Tractor but with a trailer this year that probably was the only one that was in this parade as they changed but I would have to go compare notes and I will do a follow up blog next week once I know what the differences are and it will make a different blog post and I wanna compare notes to last year's parade. Also the parade had more floats then last year and it was even better then last year, but my dad mentioned they should start it 30 mins earlier then they normally do. Other then that when it finished I said yes, I would go back next year no matter what happened this year with the late parade because I really do enjoy these parades each and every year with my dad.

Have  a great rest of your day!