Thursday, December 8, 2016

Tyrone Parade of Lights & 70th Blog Post!

First of all this is my 70th Blog Post, cannot believe it has been this many blog posts already and time has flown by very very fast and I am only 30 posts away from 100 and trust me it will be a special one indeed. I cannot believe I keep on writing these blogs for you guys and I am sure you guys are enjoying my blog posts each and everyone that comes out on a almost regular basis. Trying to keep on a daily basis, however at the most it is every second day at the most if worse comes to worse.

Anyways the main focus of this blog post is the Tyrone Parade of Lights up in Tyrone. Obviously I went with my dad and my 5 year old niece and nephew and was neat in a way to share this experience with them and what I do as a blogger, going to local events and taking pictures and writing a blog post about it. This is what I enjoy on top of the podcasts I do on the website. So we arrived we got cookies and hot chocolate for the kids, always for the kids as Dan Gheesling says on his playthroughs. I didn't indulge due to me still on my diet and I am on my diet till i lose the weight I want. So the wait started, I was cuddling with my niece which before we went, she was being dramatic, typical 5 year old... yes... I played around with her we were playing around with the snow that was on the ground and what not. We then eventually moved down the road a bit and it began. I recognized the first tractor, the white one with the stars sticking out so we knew that was always in the first or second tractor. Some tractors or truck in the farming community we didn't recognize so was nice to see some new entries as well as entries from past parades. In conclusion the parade was once again amazing and loved every moment of it. Below is a few pics.

Have a great night everyone!


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