Thursday, December 8, 2016

Late Birthday Blog!

I know I am very very late, well 4 days late I know and my birthday was back on Monday, but however that is beyond the facts. Yes I had a good birthday it was a very productive day for me out of any birthday I have had in any of my birthdays over the 31 years I have been on this earth...  First thing I did was go out to Staples to get my Staff and Alumni's tags done as it had to be done an I decided out of all the days of the week to actually go and get this done before I forget to do it later in the week. So after that I came home and had a smoothie for lunch and a oatmeal bar. Then I went off to my 1 pm appointment as I normally do every 2 weeks on a Monday, then I went to see my grandma briefly for my birthday, came back went down to the pub with my dad for a drink, I went light as you guys that follow me on Twitter and know I am currently on a diet, so I ended up drinking a white wine instead. When I got back, I had my dinner which was home made pizza, which was soooo delicious and tasty! After dinner, I managed to have some downtime before my niece and nephew, brother and sister in law came by for a visit for my birthday and I got a Toronto Maple Leafs Picture of the top 100 Toronto Maple Leafs, also an external hard drive which I loved both. Still gotta put up that picture still. From my parents I got cotton shirts and a PJ Bottoms which I really do need and my grandma obviously gave me money so I can use it for what I want to use it for. 

Yea I am a year older and I feel older, my knees are giving me trouble but I am a bit wiser know and how to deal with peoples bull crap they try to cause or them trying to stir the pot on me, I am much wiser how to deal with people causing problems now and I have that privilege to block IP's on and block people on social media as well! So be careful what you say as I have grown as a person and fixed my website to my liking.

I will talk to you on the next blog, which will be up in a few minutes.


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