Saturday, December 10, 2016

Officially Done With Casting!

I have casted on so many different various video and audio only platforms, making me realize, I think my days in casting is now done. The video platforms seem to come and go very very fast and the constant drama with platforms and the recent account ban, I received from, for no apparent reason, but I have decided to leave casting for good. Vaughnlive didn't work out, I got banned and my friend Jackielee turned on me and doesn't want to hear my side of the story when a guest was pissing me off and i did the right thing, I could care less. IVlog I haven't been happy with IVlog since it opened and never really wanted to cast there, however it is a nice platform and the layout is very very nice. There are not very many platforms that seem to catch my interest right now.  Twitch I had 13 year old drama, not Darkostridjer a former mod, hes been nothing but a good true friend to me, even after I got banned under my chrisbontheweb Twitch account, I tried however it wasn't for me and people were not being nice and the trolls being a pain in the butt. 

So in retrospective, I am happier now doing what I do best is the Podcasts on Audio ONLY and of course these blog posts for you guys almost on a regular basis. I know what about Well I was going to give it a try, however I think in my best interest I think I will keep to what I am doing now, plus I got tons of time on my hands on my spare time to where I can spend it with the family or play video games, or even watch movies or TV for once, but when I was doing YouTube, I was casting EAR TV several times a week and it got exhausting after a while. Would I even consider going back to even Twitch in the future, maybe, depends on the time I got in the future and time will only tell. Please note I am not putting any platform down I am just stating the facts and the truth behind why I am done with casting all together, for now at least...

Have a great rest of your Saturday,


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