Saturday, December 17, 2016

What If I Did Things Differently with The Entertainment Man Talk Show....

Been thinking about this the last few months and decided to do a blog post anyways. Please note I am not putting any of my ex staff I mention in the blog down, I just stating the truth that I could of done things differently.

# 1: I could of not brought on Eric, due to the fact he screwed me over and the behavior towards the other staff back when Durham Entertainment Today still existed. Also him assaulting in 2010, so he shouldn't have come back in 2015 whatsoever. Technically I should of never brought him back after Durham Entertainment Today ended as well.

# 2: I should of never trusted Brent with a The Video Projects Team Staff Badge at all due to the fact, he ditched the team and not giving myself, Larry or Justin any notice and running off with his Staff Badge, when he should of handed it back. 

Those are the 2 people I should of never brought on The Entertainment Man Talk Show, Larry, Justin and I could of handle the seasons on our own and we could potentially end up going into 9 or 10 seasons. Another thing I should of not done until The Entertainment Man was done, was not try and bring Everything About Reality TV until one project was done and over with, that was my major fatal flaw I think losing Larry, but I am happier where I am at with both EAR TV, I am doing what I feel passionate about and going to interview Jeff, one of my personal friends, going to interview Justin and Diana as well from The Amazing Race 27. So I got a few plans with my website planned and I am in a happier place now. 

Have a great rest of your Saturday!


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