Monday, December 18, 2017

YouTube Vs. Podcasting, Which One Do I Prefer?

                  I really never really covered this since my days as an YouTuber but which of the two do I prefer YouTube or Podcasting? It is a very interesting question honestly as it has taken me hours to figure out the answer to that and even writing this blog post tonight, I find it hard to give an answer but here is my answer behind this:

                  With podcasting, I find it a lot more fun interacting with my fan base on the Facebook ground page and Twitter then I do with YouTube as on YT, the comments do not all show up in comments and I have noticed this even towards the end of my YouTube career comments went into the pending box and I had to manually had to approve it as long as it was appropriate or I would of sent it over to spam. Now with Podcasting the comments that are made or reviews show up, they show no matter what. The comments sometimes showing up on YouTube, that's YouTube for you. The interaction with you guys the fans within social media, I see everything you guys say to me with the mentioned section on Twitter and for the Facebook the posts show up right there on the feed and easy for me to answer every message I get in the group. Plus there isn't that dislike button and there are not as many trolls as there , but you can rate with 1 - 5 stars, 5 especially if you enjoy the podcast each and every week and I know you guys have been enjoying it as the views sure tell me so that you guys love listening to it each and every week. It doesn't matter I don't make money from this but I find it a lot more rewarding and the planning isn't as hard as YouTube and all I really do for Everything About Reality TV for example is take the notes from the episode add extra footnotes if needed, questions especially if I got a guest on the podcast. I also found I have grown fast on 5 other Audio ONLY platforms or Networks on top of so the growth of a podcast is faster on Audio ONLY compared to video, but I am not putting down Video it's good too with the interaction of the fans LIVE on video and trust me I've considered it many times and still considering it for finale's still to this day.

                   So the moment of truth is here, which one do I prefer? Well, Podcasting! I have had the most fun ever with it and my hashtag #EverythingAboutRealityTV which is the hastag you can use to get in the conversation, put in your thoughts or even questions and I will even read them on the show each episode! But My hashtag for that podcast, has been trending not once but twice I believe this year it was twice it got trending, could of been from Survivor Millenial's Vs Gen X season but it doesn't matter when, it was, it has trended before and it can trend again in the nearby future and I am sure it will be. I had fun with YouTube, but was time for change and I find to be having more fun with podcasting then I did with YouTube, so Podcasting all the way.


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