Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017, A Year In Review!

              So here is my own year in review and what I thought of this year alone. I thought honestly, this year was an interesting year. Full of drama, friendships gone, people turning on me but I can say this year has been a productive year for me as I have been very much active with Chris B On The Web and I admit, this year is a year of change and I am quite happy with what went on this year. 

                This year saw a whole pile of changes that went on from the CBOTW Staff being dissolved entirely was the best move I have made as I became a happier person and trust me I have gotten so much work done in the entire year including the anticipation of the upcoming road to the 100th episode of Everything About Reality TV which is close but will obviously not happen this year but I pushed the envelope to hopefully get to it or at least get close to the 100th episode. Well 9 episodes to go, I am going into 2018 with the intention of recording the 100th episode of Everything About Reality TV and I am excited for it. Also I started making plans to start collaborating with friends and fans of Chris B On The Web and I executed the plan in 2018 to start collaborating and now you guys know and I know what the plan is as I blogged about it recently and it will be an exciting upcoming year! This year, I wanted to focus on podcasts and blog posts and the events I go to each and every year! Speaking of events, I decided not to return to the Greek Festival due to it being so busy, being pushed around and people telling me off when they were in my way. Also this is the first time in 2 years I decided to not to go to the Autism Celebration and part of the reason, as I ran out of money and there was so hassle in 2016. But I do or would like to go back but not entirely 100% sure if I will be back. Just recently I kind of was thinking, I am going to give my spot to someone else, I have been doing this for years on end, but don't get me wrong, I enjoyed going each and every year and if I was to go back, I have a few ideas in my mind if I do plan on going back. Also I made the decision to allow Larry into the blog as an alumni but we haven't seen him blog yet but he will be soon enough.  Also I saw the growth of both social media's, Facebook Group & Twitter for Chris B On The Web, almost 3200 followers on Twitter and currently standing on the Facebook group 33 members strong! The CBOTW Army is growing and growing fast!

               This year was a very productive and busy year for me and trust me you have not seen nothing yet and no I am not quoting the song lyrics from the song but I am very content what went on this year and I looking forward to 2018 and what is to come for Chris B On The Web. Have a Safe and Happy New Year and be sure to lookout for my New Years Post on New Years Day.


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