Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Power Rangers Podcast is On Hiatus!

                Hey everyone,

           My name is Alexandra and I am Chris's personal assistant. As you may know, Chris is currently away from his regular duties on ChrisBOnTheWeb.com. Changes are being made and you probably seen some removal of podcasts and podcasts moved around but I will cover that at the end of the week updates as he normally does and it will be a bit longer. Anyways he is no longer on speaking terms with his Senior Producer and Co-Host and has decided to walk away from Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast for now and put it on a long term hiatus till hopefully things settle down and the two of them are talking things out again. For now we've put Power Rangers Collab into the Archive Page of the website and will remain in the vault till a final decision is made with the collaboration podcast. 

             At the moment the content is void, he isn't tearing up the contract but has deemed it void for now and if necessary can work out a new contract if falling behind. At some point Chris may work on the seasons at his own pace, hoping that it will one day return back to a norm but all he can do at this point is just move on with the projects he is working on which is Entertainment Man Podcast. He will be putting nothing out about this collaboration on neither social media or Entertainment Man Podcast at this moment of time. Also the #PowerRangersCollab will not be monitored at this time and will do the best we can to answer any questions but he will not be answering anything pertaining what happened. He is keeping that a private matter and only reason I am bringing this up is I would like you guys to respect his wishes but anything else he is open to talking about just mention or private message on any of the socials which are found at the right hand corner. I will speak to you all in the next post tomorrow morning. 

Alexandra, Assistant to Chris

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