Monday, September 19, 2022

Entertainment Man Podcast-- YouTube Channel is Doing Well!

                 Recently I have seen the growth of the channel not subscriber wise but viewer wise it has done extremely well spanning between 20 and 50 views an episode or per video per week as it is a weekly thing.  To be honest I do not mind the weekly thing as you guys know another certain channel of mine is returning soon and sooner then you expect to be quite honest.  Anyways, ever since that 2.1k video the channel has sort of blown the heck up and it is quite interesting how one video gives you a boost in viewership. I also didn't think that you guys would be interested in hearing what I had to say about how The Video Projects Team, should of had a contract. I mean I never thought you guys still cared about the old team that has now been gone for almost 8 years and still gets love no matter what happened to the group.

                The fact I am sharing my stories from all the different series that I was on I really, really think you guys enjoy those and I have a ton of different stories to tell you guys, little details. However those years are very faded in my memory as I am now pushing 40 in the next couple of years, my memory is starting to fade of those days. Maybe I am just moved on fully from creating web series now perhaps. However I will never forget those days where I actually did the web series but now I am fully focused on the podcasts and blogs now and that is always a priority. I am so off topic now which is normal for me as there is so much to say on these posts and also on the podcast. I honestly wish I did Entertainment Man Podcast on YouTube from the get-go, meaning the beginning when I started it and I could have a ton more subs and views but cannot dwell that and to be honest, I am glad one of my guests I had on the show talk me into going back cause it feels like I never left the platform. However I wanna talk more about YouTube this week and I will be doing 2 more posts but will spread it out between today and Wednesday this way it will not be all clumped together. Anyways that is the post for today I will talk to you all tomorrow. 


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