Tuesday, September 13, 2022

CBOTW Studios YouTube Channel Is Returning?

                Yes there has been rumours CBOTW Studios is returning and I dispelled those rumours over the weekend with an Image which you can see to the right side of this post today and also this message: "Preparing for CBOTW Studios #YouTube Channel return on 01.01.2023" and I know I made a cryptic message hinting the return but not what exactly will be on this channel and what to really expect. This is why I am making this exact post to explain what the exact plan is with this new channel and to when you can see content and other amazing things on this channel. However I wanna say this I am super excited and stoked to be returning with this channel and it was long wait for it to return to this channel. I know my computer isn't the best computer in the world till I get the new computer in 2023 hopefully but I am making the best of the situation.

              Now what can you expect on this channel, well you can expect this:

- Live Streams (Which will be sporadic streams till I find the time to have regular schedule for the streams) Will be a variety of gaming streams and just chatting streams, it'll change from time to time.

- Past Streams (I have 2 past streams to post up on the channel that I have waiting in a folder here on my computer and will be the first of few things I do post.)

- Behind The Scenes Look (Behind the scenes look what goes on in the studio and I have some things to post up for you guys first before any new content so I will be posting those before I start anything else.)

- Minecraft: Aftermath (Video my niece and nephew did few months ago that I edited together and posted. Also I will be posted the bloopers that went on with the creation.)

             Streams will not be happening for a while, I have a ton of older content to post and I will let you guys know when the streams start in the New Year. Right now there is a ton of stuff to post up and get this channel growing and I will have more information as we reach towards the end of the year. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow.



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