Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Plans Updates [09-14-2022]

                The plans moving forward are as follows:

Entertainment Man Podcast: Continue to prep for next year, will still working on interviews and regular and bonus episodes of the show and I will continue on with that and things are progressing very well with the podcast.

Power Rangers Collab, Finish up Power Rangers Super Megaforce to hopefully draw a recording session on Sept 30th, 2022. Then I will be working on Dino Charge then will be working on Super Dino Charge so I got everything out of the way. I hope to actually get the podcast recorded on the 30th of this month but it will depend how quickly I type and I got 2 weeks to go and almost finished this season already. Then I am not sure what the plan is if I will go straight into Ninja Steel and Super Ninja Steel or take a break from seasons and prep the movies perhaps but who knows. I may just get it done so we're ready for February 2023.

Back to Entertainment Man Podcast: If I do not work on Ninja Steel right away and will but the back up plan is that I work future episodes of the podcast. I am planning for the future of the podcast so I have some kind of content ready for 2023, in it's 3rd year and 4th season.

            Anyways those are the updates for today, I hope you guys enjoyed this smaller post and gives you an idea where I am at right now with all the workload seemingly piling up stressing me right out to the point I am unsure what I wanna do first or what needs to be done first on my list. I will talk to you all tomorrow, have a great rest of you day.




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