Thursday, September 15, 2022

Studio is Changing, AGAIN!

                  Things are changing here in the studio again. I am going to be receiving a second desk from my grandma and I have started to make the necessary room and plans that I need to fit it into the setup. There is some cleanup needed as we need to donate some of the kids toys to our neighbours as my niece and nephew rarely use it anymore and that will make the room for the desk. Also I have to figure out where the printer goes which may be on the shelf again but how sturdy is that shelf as it moves around so I may put the printer on the dresser it'll just be on the other side of the room perhaps and it uses WIFI anyways to print as there is no cable. Only wire is the power cord on it and there is a plug nearby where I am thinking of putting it. 

              Shelf will be quite empty as I do have drawers and will be able to put a lot of my stuff in there and it makes it so much easier. I plan on trying to unload the plastic containers a bit more. I will use it for the smaller things like inbox tray that has everything because later I will have a computer on there when I have the new computer for streaming and the podcasts so I will be having two computers and I am glad my parents talked me into keeping the old computer because I can use the old computer for just the paper work part of it and the new computer as I said for podcasting and streaming as you guys know I actually plan on streaming again on CBOTW Studios channel when I bring it back up and running in January. Anyways that is the changes and I will do an actual video in January of a tour of the new and improved studio and I will talk to you guys tomorrow for the end of the week updates.



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