Saturday, July 23, 2022

Toronto Trip With My Dad!

                On Wednesday, I was in Toronto for the day with my dad. I showed him the new Bay Concourse where you get the Go Train in any of the directions. That took up 30 - 45 minutes of our time and I explained a lot of things to my dad even with the food court not yet open but looked like it was work in progress and they've gotten further then a few weeks ago when Eric and I were there few weeks back which I think was end of the month of June so almost a month honestly. It was truly nice to be back and a lot busier Wednesday when my dad and I went to Toronto but if you remember it was towards the end of the month of June and kids were still in school and finishing up their year so it wasn't as busy as it was earlier this week.

               Now, we went through Scotiabank Arena where the Leafs and the Raptors play and took some pictures in front of the statues which was cool. Next we went to the Island and we got on the Hanlan's Point and walked to Centre Island. It was busy on the Ferry no matter what Ferry we took, originally we planned Ward's but Ferry was busy but then decided Centre but we missed it and didn't leave till noon as they added in the other Ferry, Sam McBride. So Ongaria was coming in so we took it and decided to go to Hanlan's. When we got to Centre Island we went to Far Enough Farm to see the animals and we also saw an Zbu which is a type of cattle and was very friendly and affectionate like it was a dog. Never seen an animal friendly like this before but was neat. Never heard of em till yesterday. Anyways, that is the post for today, I will talk to you all on Monday for the next blog post, please enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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