Friday, July 8, 2022

End of The Week Updates [07-08-2022]

                 Not much to really report. It is just me working on both podcasts right now and spending time with family when I see my aunt. I hate to say this but this post is going to be a shorter one this week as I have no real updates for you guys right now. It is just for me to get this workload unloaded and free time to myself. As I said my workload and schedule right now is so packed up, I have had to have some time off and I will be in August for about a week it will be a lightload week for me. Also vacation is sometime in August, possibly in the middle of the month I will be away for 5 days with my dad up north and riding the ferry boat across and also a boat cruise is in the plans. So I will have some actual time off, non of this light load of work.

               I do not know what else I can say but I feel bad for the first time in years or maybe ever, I have no updates. Everything is very quiet, even for Entertainment Man Podcast, things have gone quiet as episodes are already scheduled to go out to you guys either way minus the 17th that has to be done ahead of time. Oh one thing I can mention is I know last weekend there was suppose to be an interview but there was a miscommunication so it is being rescheduled so stay tuned! I am not going to say when just in case, I do not wanna promise you guys anything then something happens but once it is done then I will be able to actually mention it and talk about it. Let's just say I got my own verbal NDA with myself to not and spoil a lot that I've got planned. Also you probably noticed the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is out months ahead of schedule and if I need to update it I will. Anyways that is really all I can say, again there was an update afterall as I started to type then it all came to me what I needed but hey least it's in a different format this week and maybe if you guys liked this format, maybe I will do this once and a while for you guys. Have a great weekend and I will talk to you all on Monday! 


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