Monday, July 11, 2022

Deck Project Is Coming Along Nicely...

                 The deck project is coming along nicely recently.  I know I have been trying to do both Megaforce and the deck and out with friends and busy with my family stuff going on. However, my dad relies on me and he cannot do this on his own so I am doing everything at once and I will address the collab after I know what Larry says to me later on. Went from pulling up the boards to cutting and clipping in and I can tell you guys it looks really good! I cannot wait to update you guys further. Now the picture on the left side is just about 4 or 5 days ago what was finished up with the deck and you can see some sitting on top of the other as those were boards loose. Things are progressing quite nicely and proud how far we have come along with this project. I know it's been a long few weeks but will be worth it in the end.

Now the other update from last week comes 2 days ago, my dad and I finished it to the end piece almost but we need to cut it in almost in half so this means my brother has to do another cut and he did a cut Saturday so one more cut then we put it in and it is done! Just have to work on the aesthetics, fixing the spindles or getting new ones, not sure exactly what the plan is for that, I think it will be just repaired, then some trim and repainting of the railing, also fixing the the gate at the front of the deck which is a bit broken as it is tight when it is closed but think that is readjusting the hinges as they may have gotten loose over the years but just minor details to finish afterwards then we get to enjoy all this hardwork as this was really a lot of work to get done on it. Anyways that is what is what with the project and when it's fully done I will do an update once and for all to let you guys know and see the final look of the deck. I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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