Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Internet Outage, Entertainment Man Podcast....

               I know things haven't been easy with the net issues and I had to start cutting out the platforms.... I honestly do not know how in the world I am going to promote it when I update the feed.  However as you guys saw I didn't promote all the links and nothing has been promoted yet as I am waiting till everything is cleared. I am pre writing this so things can change but at the most I will be updating this website and Mixcloud so it is ready for the weekend so expect a double upload. This gives my internet provider time to iron out any of the issues. This means Thursday's episode may follow the same guidelines as Sunday minus YouTube.  Episode is already uploaded to Castbox but I will try Mixcloud and getting it onto Archive.org by Wednesday (tomorrow) see where we stand with that. 

              Update: Everything is back to normal now and everything is back on the right track, internet is back up to par but my position with the collab may not change as I am now 2 days behind and I went off at Larry over the weekend but all good now and I will talk more about how I feel tomorrow on the blog. Moving forward I will let you guys know the back up plan in case it doesn't go up and the only issue I had was I couldn't edit the post up as I had no way to do it via mobile and edit and fix that entire issue. Anyways that is what is going on with things and I will talk to you all tomorrow. 


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