Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Power Rangers Collab Updates

               I know this is the talk of the community right now and I do not know what is going to happen. The next 2 weeks is crucial and there has to be 0 issues moving forward. I didn't work on the collab for 2 straight days and Sunday or Monday I started working on it again. So it all depends. However this is how I am doing things for right now:

Megaforce: Finishing up Megaforce then will be typing up the notes as if it is indeed the way I am thinking about it in the back of my mind right now, we will just record Megaforce with the next season recorded in the fall when we both come off vacation. There is so much going on right now at this moment. However I will get into that shortly but I hope to have it typed up by Thursday. I don't care if I lose sleep over this.

Super Megaforce: Now I hope to watch Super Megaforce, will be next weekend hopefully  and I can start typing this up and get it done and we are able to record both but it depends how hard I work I am sure I can get both done but I have two weeks to get it done and finished. It is a dire need to finish it up now.

               Now worst case scenerio and we just record the one episode, once it is finished and done and we do not record the second one, then what we will do is hold onto Megaforce and release it once Super Megaforce is done. I know it's ridiculous but that could change and let's see what Larry says on the 25th of the month as I should know more by then. Anyways that is the post for today, hope you guys enjoyed it, I will talk to you all tomorrow. 


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