Thursday, July 7, 2022

Plans In August!

              As my parents will be away, I get the house to myself and more time to stream. So I plan on streaming everyday their gone and look forward to it. The days and times are yet to be determined but as I get closer to then I will announce it publicly. Once Power Rangers Collab is finished up I am off for an entire week before going back on a binge to work on the next season for October/November. That should be the end of this chaotic schedule. There is other projects and tasks I wanna do like for example the Power Rangers Movies as it has been officially noted between my partner in Podcast crime, Larry that we should start it this year. Anyways During the week off between Megaforce two seasons and Dino Charge, I plan a week to myself before planning on the next two. I was up very late last night working on the collab and pretty much done the first of the two seasons. 

          However, the point I haven't gotten too; as I said before, I will be live a bit while I am home, not during the day time, more evenings streams here in the studio. Some will be just chatting streams and some will be gaming and just chill streams. If I can figure out a way to stream without having 1000 subs as that is what your required, I'd definitely do a cooking stream but that is most definitely not doable right now but eventually yeah I could do a cooking stream down the road. What I may need to do is use prism then the mobile device and run the stream from down here in the studio and going to try it and see how it works despite i despise Prism Studio cause of the lag issues on the stream. My computer seems to not like it whatsoever. However that is the plan for August and I will be talking to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates.


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