Monday, August 8, 2022

A New Week Is Here!

                A New week is here and with me on the mend, I am going to start working a tad more then usual. I know last week wasn't as productive as I normally am and the lack of updates have been lacklustre.  This week I have two big things on the list to get done, one of them is the collab that you guys have no clue what I have been up to with this collab and I have been very quiet in the last week and a half since the day I saw Larry in person but an update is coming next week about that as I need time to think about it first. Also the other thing is recording a new episode of the podcast for this weekend and also the following weekend as supposedly will be away as of Monday for my holiday officially but really does depend how we actually feel but we have a week to get better and stronger but I do understand if we need to just cancel all together this year as we cannot keep cancelling. 

               Maybe we should of waited to decide on the vacation and I will be writing a post this week about it tomorrow perhaps and what will happen if that is the case if I do not go on vacation. However I am still going to be recording that extra episode just in case. I will explain why the interviews are on hold this week as well that will be by Wednesday. So plenty of blog content this week and I may do a couple of Facebook pop up streams with updates especially when I finish up the collab so Larry has in case we need to shift to Skype for the time being. I will also be talking about that this week by Thursday. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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