Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Not Ruling Out Holidays Yet!

                I do understand if we are not well enough, meaning we are not fully strong enough to do the trip north then I totally understand. I can always take a week off ChrisBOnTheWeb and do some major gaming or I could always use it to catch up on the work I missed but we'll see how we are by Thursday. I know I will be testing to see what it gives me and I am giving myself a week and a half to see how I am. This is why we are not away is cause all 3 of us are sick. However I am not ruling out that I am not going out on holidays and it depends how we actually feel with it. 

                I do have a back up plan in case of cancelled holiday and that is just keep on working on what I have been working on to get things done and finished as things may be taking a twist this fall with the recent illness I have had, Larry may not feel comfortable enough so I have been working on a plan B. Anyways, remember how it is always good to have a plan a and b which I think I did talk about it on the blog here and I know I will be talking about it on the podcast at some point but always good to have a plan A and B and I have an idea in the back in my mind but we'll see and stay tuned to my social media for if I am going to be away next week or not. That is my post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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