Saturday, April 13, 2024

End of The Week Updates [04-13-2024]

                    This week has been very chaotic for us from editing the Power Rangers Podcast to struggles which is where I am going to start this blog off. Because Chris has ran into trouble when it came to uploading the video but he has since then has rectified the issue and it is now working now and is scheduled to be uploaded at the start of May, I believe he has it scheduled for May the 8th, 2024. 

                    With episodes edited he has shifted over to planning other podcasts like Entertainment Man Podcast which he has a few extra for wiggle room. He does need to record episodes while he's away that is 2 extra episodes and he's going to this weekend record 4 episodes if he can so it is ready to go as this month is going fast and quickly so he will be getting that done this weekend too. The CBOTW Show he's getting ready to do some podcasts on The Simpsons and not very many are on his list but he keeps coming up with new episodes he wants to watch and write notes down. Any who that is today's blog post updates have a great rest of your weekend and I will speak to you all next week!

Kelsie, COO (Chief Operating Officer of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media)

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