Friday, April 12, 2024

Content Schedule [Updated]

                   The Content Schedule is always changing or being adjusted for us and we've come up with a plan that will work for us and here is our schedule that is permanent:

Sundays @ 1 pm EST: Entertainment Man Podcast [YouTube/Audio ONLY]

Monday - Saturdays @ 11 am EST: Daily Blog

Monday - Fridays @ 3 pm EST: YouTube Shorts, week # 1 is Monday - Fridays; Week 2 is Monday - Wednesday

Wednesdays @ 1 pm EST- Week 1: Entertainment Man Podcast [YouTube/Audio ONLY]

                                               Week 2: The CBOTW Show [YouTube/Audio ONLY]

Saturdays @ 1 pm EST: Weekly Schedule [Facebook Fan Page/YouTube

Sporadically: Gaming [YouTube ONLY]

                There is the schedule and what we're looking at in a more of a permanent schedule moving forward. However as for the Sporadic gaming schedule, it could be on a Sunday, it could be on a weekday, it will vary on my schedule and if I am busy. However that is the post for today, have  a great weekend and as always Kelsie will be doing the end of the week updates and I will talk to you all on Monday.


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